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My goal is to empower those who often find themselves in the margins in our society. I work frequently with a focus on identity issues with LGBTQ individuals, couples or moresomes, and I work with folks in an affirming way that integrates principles of justice and equity. I utilize Narrative and Emotionally Focused systemic approaches in therapy to help my clients celebrate aspects of their identity that are often marginalized by society.


Depression / Anxiety / Opening Up a Relationship / ADHD Management / Transitions / Identity Development / Sexuality / Sexual Abuse / Self-Esteem Issues / Social Anxiety / Communication / Relationship Conflict


Queer / Poly / Bisexual / Lesbian / Gay / Trans / Genderqueer / Sex Worker / Kinky / Cross-Dresser / Asexual / Pansexual


Therapy is a collaborative space for you and I to explore things in your life that may be causing you trouble personally and interpersonally. This space is a safe space for you to explore things because of the boundaries we put in place. I believe psychotherapy works by first helping you develop the tools to handle emotional states that challenge you most. With these new tools, we begin to work through experiences, both past and present, that cause you pain or difficulty. There are many different approaches to therapy and I may use a variety of techniques based on what will best suit your needs.

Lorin Pritts, LMFTI

My work as a therapist is based around the principles of equity and consent. I work with people of a variety of different gender identities, orientations, and cultural backgrounds on issues ranging from anxiety and depression, to orientation and relational issues surrounding gender identity, sexual orientation, and nonmonogamy. I believe that creating an open space that is free of judgment and expectation allows space for you and I to explore together what is working in your life and where change is neede

In 2014, I was accepted into the Master’s program for Couple, Marriage and Family Therapy at Lewis & Clark, where I received training in family systems theory, counseling and therapy techniques and theories, legal and ethical issues in therapy, couples counseling, intimate partner violence, sex therapy, and working with LGBTQ clients. I have an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Prescott Community College in Arizona and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Northcentral University in Arizona.

My life experience has allowed me to gain insight and compassion into a wide range of identities. Although I frequently work with queer, transgender, and polyamorous clients now, my background allows me to understand diverse life experiences and political and religious discourses. My background also allows me to understand the process of oppression and the way that process is enacted in different communities. These experiences, along with my natural care for people and curiosity about their experiences, make therapy an exciting and engaging process for me.



Individual therapy for adults and youth addressing mental health issues, gender identity/transition services, relationship struggles, personal development, and more.


Therapy for family conflict, parenting concerns, metamour issues, siblings, etc.


Therapy for partners and more-somes focusing on communication problems, frequent conflicts, pre-marital counseling, transitioning to non-monogamy / polyamory / open relationships, boundary struggles, ending a relationship / divorce.




Initial intake session lasts 60 minutes and includes a review of your history, establishing goals for therapy, and completing necessary paperwork.

50-Minute Counseling Session


Typical individual and relationship counseling sessions last 50 minutes.

90-Minute Counseling Session


90-Minute counseling sessions are available upon request.

Group Counseling Session


Group details vary per group.



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